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They will

Автор: admin Дата: Сбт, 07 Дек 2013 09:59:13 +0000

They will The conclusions drawn for the child are also useful, as the medicine drunk by another.

They will cause or aggression or will disaccustom to think.

But in the course of a hearttoheart talk for importance it is possible to call therapeutic the mentor can help the child to look more widely at a situation, to push to conclusions.

Then opening will be its own.

They will be remembered because will be connected in consciousness of the child with joyful feeling of achievement of a victory.

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The choice

Автор: admin Дата: Втр, 19 Ноя 2013 09:09:34 +0000

The choice The choice of toys depends not on age of the child, and on his ability to use hands and to concentrate attention, from intellectual development and understanding of language.

Experts who are engaged with your kid, can recommend games and toys which best of all will suit him.

For example, the child with a hyperkinetic form of a cerebral palsy which constantly has involuntary movements and periodic spasms of muscles, needs a heavy ball the movements of such child unorganized and clumsy, and the usual ball will constantly run away from it.

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All body

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All body Petya kept mum.

He was a senior and already managed to understand that to keep mum always the benzopasny.

On a bakery load the car fresh rolls … As smells!

Not to forget to check a back door, maybe, it will be possible to pull down.

Someone seemed in a militia form.

All body clenched, preparing for a throw in bushes.

Once did not manage to react and got.

The district police officer brought in a detpriyemnik.

Memories of that time squeeze a body in a fever.

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To lean

Автор: admin Дата: Пнд, 11 Ноя 2013 07:31:19 +0000

To lean The child with a moderate spastichnost and a low tone in trunk muscles In fig.

it is shown how the child, trying to become straight, unbends a neck, pushes a chin forward, bends hands, removes shoulders forward, and takes away elbows back.

So it compensates a low tone of muscles of a trunk, instability of a humeral and pelvic belt.

To lean feet about a floor, the child bends coxofemoral joints and unbends knees, and feet transfers to the provision of the plantar.

Respectively, weight will fall on feet, and time they are in the provision of plantar bending that on fingertips of feet.

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Action was appointed

Автор: admin Дата: Вск, 03 Ноя 2013 20:39:27 +0000

Action was appointed At that moment I did not know how it will be died and how many my child care leave will last.

Action was appointed to December In such occasion Dima specially bought to me an evening dress.

Such beautiful evening dress for pregnant women By the way, I still carry it.

Probably, I very vividly looked from a scene with the appetizing stomach.

Also it was ridiculous when our poet the hero of a celebration publicly declared that the book was written exactly nine months, but it only coincidence and let nobody thinks that between this event and mine direct link is interesting situation.

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The pupils

Автор: admin Дата: Птн, 25 Окт 2013 04:38:43 +0000

The pupils On the other hand, we began to achieve the best results only when the children put before need to study began to do it, without pressure from out of.

We noticed that in this case their consciousness somehow on other processes information received at a lesson.

The pupils deprived of petty guardianship of adults began to get to the bottom with pleasure of an essence of questions, to sport new information, to try to use new knowledge in practice.

SUMMARY Look at grain, a sprout and a mighty oak.

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