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Specific Short occupations.

Every day carry out on two short, but enough intensive occupations, we will tell for minutes.

Rather short lessons alternating with rest will bring the best result, than four hours of continuous occupations.

So the child can concentrate and reach better than the bigger.

Specific goal.

It is useful for both parents, and child to be adjusted on a specific goal so progress will be more noticeable, and the clear victory full or nearly will bring you satisfaction.

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I do not take

I do not take Nallo, years, Garrisberg, Pennsylvania.

I am absolutely sure that my parents do not want that I drank or smoked.

But they will be able to make nothing to prevent me.

If I want to drink, I will drink, I will want to smoke I will light, but I will not want, I will not do it.

Jerome, years, Blayn, Washington.

I do not take dangerous drug, only I drink or I smoke a grass.

Not that it was difficult to get a booze, the most amusing that for me it is much more difficult to get beer, than to borrow a kosyachok.

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  • And simply speaking the first pancake, which, as we know, lump.And in this situation, without knowing and without understanding many things of a childbearing how the woman can understand, what for it it is better?And in general what there can be experiments during first labor?I too very much would like that in the course of childbirth the woman was in the center of events.That she listened to the body, accepted convenient poses, and the doctor would support her and only softly helped, but did not push into the standard framework, did not dictate the terms and did not order.
  • You can not only take a cup and bring it to a mouth, without having spilled contents, when you drink, the weight of a cup decreases, but all of you it is equally correct and coordinating hold it.With it you are helped by the mechanisms described above.But still also work of muscles, their ability to develop a certain effort matters.The effort is result of reduction of muscles.Expressiveness and an orientation of force of reduction of muscles too are regulated by the centers of a brain.
  • You understand, it proves that I have no problems.Nobody drinks more me?You see, it proves that with teenagers all in norm, and is not present any problem.Every time when someone tries to accept both parties, it means that in it the fault disappears, and to use this circumstance the best in this situation.As well as everywhere, here the main thing communication.Do not consider that you did not achieve the.We always achieve more, than teenagers would like that.
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