Somehow All became simpler and became somehow become bright.

Somehow in the house there were my girls and couple of their girlfriends when my sixteenyearold daughter told: Mother, is time to start over again to you to meet somebody.

We need to prepare the list of questions for your future boyfriends.

Lets think Then my seventeenyearold daughter put in a ward: For example: what brand of condoms you use?

On it drawing up the list also ended because all were gone from a laughter.

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Normal Good selfchecking the benefit for the adult, but for the child of its age can be a big problem.

Normal option the child expresses the discontent and disappointment with that game badly goes and quietly plays further because got used to pronounce the problems and finds support at people around.

Intention of game of Kira: To resolve an issue that it is necessary to make not to quarrel with parents.

During game realized that tendency to complaints to behavior of other children, protection against negative feedback of parents, dependence on their emotions and habits are obstacles in a way of its further development.

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And where

And where It is difficult, it is painful.

But here the will, determination, discipline is also necessary.

And where it is not necessary?

In fight?

In a workshop of the sculptor?

A feat, inspiration, persistent work the person is under construction; and the person has to love so himself, so appreciate, so respect the human dignity to understand: there is no such effort which you should not have applied to become worthy the human calling.

Anthony Surozhsky Each adult who is in Kitezh irrespective of membership in NPPS is part of the developing environment, therefore, he has to try to conform to requirements which are imposed to the professional member of therapeutic community.

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Unfinished Forcing the child is more or quicker, you give to him a reason to resist you and generate revolt.

If you treat it as to the person who itself knows that it is necessary for it, game with food will only mean for you that it is full.

Unfinished it is necessary to clean and not to return quietly, despite of protests, let waits for the following meal.

If he does not object, so he gorged on and if protests will know that it is necessary to eat, but not to play.

Schooling to a pot becomes a battlefield for the same reasons.

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And why? Because

And why? Because To read signs with which people note places dangerous, is not able.

And besides, it is not capable to ask the road.

And why?

Because it seems to it that he knows this road!

He acts without doubting.

And, having been hit as a result of actions on a forehead, not a question WHY?

sets, and shouts about injustice.

And here is how only he will learn to STUDY, that is to accept councils from wise men and any useful animals, he will find at once both a treasure and Vasilisabeautiful.

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When parents

When parents Both parents, and experts are capable to make an essential contribution to the program of therapysupport of the child with a cerebral palsy.

When parents and experts insufficiently well understand each other, it does harm to all program of the help to the child.

That is why it is so important to strive for partnership, mutual understanding and to respect a contribution of each of the parties for the aid to the child.

To illustrate told, I will give one example.

A few years ago I visited a seminar where the childs mother with a cerebral palsy told medical students about the experience of visits of clinics and hospitals for usual inspections and consultations.

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  • And simply speaking the first pancake, which, as we know, lump.And in this situation, without knowing and without understanding many things of a childbearing how the woman can understand, what for it it is better?And in general what there can be experiments during first labor?I too very much would like that in the course of childbirth the woman was in the center of events.That she listened to the body, accepted convenient poses, and the doctor would support her and only softly helped, but did not push into the standard framework, did not dictate the terms and did not order.
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  • You understand, it proves that I have no problems.Nobody drinks more me?You see, it proves that with teenagers all in norm, and is not present any problem.Every time when someone tries to accept both parties, it means that in it the fault disappears, and to use this circumstance the best in this situation.As well as everywhere, here the main thing communication.Do not consider that you did not achieve the.We always achieve more, than teenagers would like that.
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