I executed

I executed In the th class I besides the three started receiving the fours, in the tenth final in all subjects which should be handed over at entrance examinations, I came to an excellent assessment, but at that moment school marks in general did not interest me any more, I knew that the main task Moscow State University of Lomonosov.

I executed it and then finally believed that I can overcome obstacles.

Can therefore, I ventured and construction of Kitezh?

The main conclusion the will to win is brought up even in games, turning gradually into similarity of a conditioned reflex.

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If you work

If you work Let each child rumple and extends dough hands, tycht in it fingers, thinking thus: My thoughts can do different things of this substance.

Explain to children that our thoughts turn into real things when we think of these things.

If you work with children of advanced age, try to expand a framework of this lesson, having explained to them that thoughts turn into things under the influence of our feelings.

Vagrant thoughts are weak but if to put feeling to thought, we will receive emotion.

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If you are not going

If you are not going Tell me that I do not know yet It that makes important part of your preparation.

If you are not going to tell terrifying stories about blind smokers of a grass in a madhouse, what you are going to tell teenagers?

Children know or think that know quite a lot about drugs therefore you, perhaps, want to be prepared in advance before talking to them on these subjects.

You will prepare the story about different types of drugs, uleta to which they promote, and how they really influence an organism.

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The head

The head Even jumped up and pressed on a stomach all body weight.

Now how childbirth looks from outside.

The head seemed is is poorly told.

In the middle of bloody medley there is a certain alien subject similar to the resung cucumber, only same bloody, as well as all the rest, and with the pointed end which pulses.

It appears, a head at the baby not round as at adults, and oval, and the cerebellum pulses on the end.

At the end of the second attempt the head completely left, and I saw that it validly a head.

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On a magnetic

On a magnetic Main part of occupation Opening speech of the logopedist.

Logopedist: Today on occupation you learn the interesting story drawn in four pictures.

Having considered pictures, you will tell that occurred and about whom this history.

Conversation according to the maintenance of each picture.

On a magnetic board subject pictures are in turn exposed.

The logopedist suggests children to consider attentively each picture and to answer questions.

Picture No.

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Most of teenagers

Most of teenagers I am pleasant to the father only such what he wants me to see.

Mother, perhaps, also did not support that I made, but she treated quietly everything because so it was pleasant to me.


Most of teenagers expects a certain reaction from parents, making the acts similar to Harrisons trick.

If you are angry, give to us a reason to continue in the same spirit because we consider that in this way we express you a protest.

But matter not only in it.

When you sharply react to changes in clothes style, a hairdress or cosmetics, you feel only having the right to judge our acts.

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  • And simply speaking the first pancake, which, as we know, lump.And in this situation, without knowing and without understanding many things of a childbearing how the woman can understand, what for it it is better?And in general what there can be experiments during first labor?I too very much would like that in the course of childbirth the woman was in the center of events.That she listened to the body, accepted convenient poses, and the doctor would support her and only softly helped, but did not push into the standard framework, did not dictate the terms and did not order.
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  • You understand, it proves that I have no problems.Nobody drinks more me?You see, it proves that with teenagers all in norm, and is not present any problem.Every time when someone tries to accept both parties, it means that in it the fault disappears, and to use this circumstance the best in this situation.As well as everywhere, here the main thing communication.Do not consider that you did not achieve the.We always achieve more, than teenagers would like that.
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